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It is an unwise consumer who gives an individual or contractor “front-money” or a deposit before the job is completely done. Reliable contractors have sufficient credit to wait until the job is finished before asking to be paid. NEVER give anyone front money. You have lost control of the transaction if you do. You are then at the contractor’s mercy if something goes wrong or if he disappears with your money. The very best contractors will give you the very best payment options.

At Award Roofing it’s your choice you can pay in full on completion of all work, take up to 90 days to pay in full without a surcharge or take up to 12 months with a small surcharge or you can use your MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Just let us know how you want to pay and we’ll give you all the numbers. Either way we’ll make it easy on you. You’ll always be in the drivers seat – in control of the entire transaction. That’s how confident we are that we’ll please you every step of the way.

Atlanta Residential Award Roofing Company also offers a referral bonus for trusting us with your friends and neighbors!