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WE'RE BIG ON VENTILATION! Nearly every roof we install includes a Highpoint Ridge Ventilating System. It serves two purposes:

(1) IT EXTENDS THE LIFE OF THE ROOFING MATERIALS. If you have ever been in your attic on a hot summer day you know how unbearably hot the attic space can get – up to 170 – 180 degrees in most cases. That temperature rise causes an enormous stress on a new roof system and is the primary reason for premature failure of roofing materials. The ridge venting system allows attic air to escape as it is occurring through natural principles (air rises and expands as it is heated - as in a hot air balloon). So your attic space never gets hot enough to cause excessive stress on your roofing. Powered roof fans can't do that – turbines or surface vents can't do that – only the High-Point System can do that and it has absolutely no moving parts! And here's the bonus provided by this system:

(2) Your second floor rooms will stay MUCH COOLER in the summer and your air conditioner won't be running 24 hours a day to keep it cool enough to sleep and work upstairs. With our venting system, you won't be dealing with the super-heated attic air coming into your upper rooms. Mother nature will be working for you 24/7/365 and you'll be saving an average of $700 per year in air conditioning expenses and your air-conditioning equipment will last much longer because it won't be running all the time. We're here to stay!