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About Us

Award Roofing was started in May of 1965 to fill a need in the Atlanta area for a truly professional, high quality residential service. At that time there were 2 roofing companies in Atlanta that specialized in Commercial Roofing work. Only one of these remains today. It does not do residential work. "Too much trouble dealing with homeowners," it's Owner states. In 1964 we "shopped" every roofing company or individual who was listed in the yellow pages. We were not impressed by anyone we contacted and met and, in fact, not one of them is in business today.

The Founder of our company, Richard Dugan, was born and raised in Vermont by a family of "Yankee Craftsmen" who for three generations had served the roofing industry in New England under precise roofing standards that New England winters demand. Roofing contractors in that area always took extra measures because a defective installation would cause a leak with up to 3 or 4 feet of snow on the roof and would be impossible to fix. "We had to do it right the first time", Mr. Dugan states. "We had no choice. In these small New England towns if a roofing contractor had a leak he was out of business. And besides, we enjoyed our work and took a lot of pride in our finished product, and in our customer relations too. Our customers were our friends and still are today."


In May of 1965, we installed our first roof in Atlanta and issued an unconditional 20 year labor and material guarantee on that job. Since that time, we have installed over 8,000 roofs in the Atlanta area and provide a 15 year labor guarantee. We don't have to. Most roofers give a 1-2 year labor guarantee (is that how long they expect their labor to hold up?) and the shingle maker issues a pro-rated warranty - subject to the use of certain installation techniques - (Read the fine print!) If the workers don't follow these instructions, the material guarantee is worthless! And the homeowner is on the hook if a problem develops. Award Roofing Company employs installation techniques that exceed every shingle manufacturer's requirements. In fact, our installation specifications set the standards by which all other roofers are compared. No other roofer will match our standards. We guarantee that. Our roofs are installed to the same specifications as they are in Vermont using the same techniques and materials and every job in is supervised by a Project Manager who inspects every aspect of the work as it is being done to protect our company and it's reputation as well as the homeowner's investment.


For goodness sake don't ever hire anyone to work on your home that can't readily furnish you with a $1,000,000 liability and worker's compensation policy. Some unscrupulous contractors will lie and tell you they are self-insured. Don't believe it. There is no such thing in Georgia. Georgia Law requires employers to provide workers compensation insurance. If the contractor cannot show you his insurance certificate, don't employ him. Roofing employee accidents are often fatal and could cost you your home and other assets. YOUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER YOU FOR ACCIDENTS OCCURRING ON YOUR PROPERTY BY CONTRACTORS OR THEIR EMPLOYEES. Our company protects you with a Workers Compensation and Aggregate Liability Policy totaling 2,500,000.


Since starting our business in 1965, we have completed over 8,000 installations. That means we can furnish you with over 8,000 references. We "bend over backwards" to make certain we can use every single customer as a reference. Every team member in our company is committed to that policy. It just makes good business sense to us. "The customer is always right" is the best business statement ever uttered, we believe but few businesses practice that any more. We still do. We'd LOVE to give you references and want you to call them (or visit them). They'll tell you all about us and make your decision more informed and comfortable.